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STP Central - What it's all about

STP Central is both a Student Infromation System (SIS) and Learning Management System (LMS) in one platform. This gives Administrators, Teachers, Students and Parents a CENTRAL PLACE to where they can view ALL RELEVANT SCHOOL DATA!

Why use STP Central?

Multiple Features, One PLatform - One School App

Student Info

All pretinent student data available in one central location!

Homeworks and Assignments

Teachers input day to day tasks and activities which can be viewed by Students and Parents anytime, anywhere!

Learning Resources, Tests, Activities

All learning resources and materials like Activity Sheets, Handouts, and Tests can be viewed online to support learning at home. Features include integration of Google Classroom.

For Administrators

All information regarding Student Data and Learning Management is available in one central location. Managing day to day school activities and schedule can now be done in a centralized platform.

For Parents

Important information about the School, Anouncements, Reply slips, Directory of School staff, and a whole lot more - available 24/7

Messaging system and chat

A built in messaging system allows for proper communication between teachers, students, and parents.
Important anouncements will never be missed.

CULAJER Systems Solutions inc brings you:

STP Central

STP Central, aims to simplify data by merging SIS and LMS in one platform. We offer more than just managing learning resources, our System make it easier for administrators to have a quick understanding of school wide information in one centralized and secure location.

A well designed tool to help reduce the time and energy the busywork requires. So Educators and Administrators can focus on creating and improving better learning for Students.

We strongly believe that our product can greatly improve School learning. The availability of learning resources online 24/7 for all students and parents to see, can improve and promote a sense of shared responsibility between school and home.


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